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What NCAA Tournament?

NCAA Bracket

Unless you went to St. John’s (in Jamaica) or maybe Syracuse (way upstate), New Yorkers from from the city really have no team to support in the big tournament year-to-year. While New York has several major universities: Columbia, NYU and Fordham, none of them have significant a significant B-Ball presence. This is why March is a typically dead period for the NYSportsDude. The NBA and NHL are in their dog days, baseball hasn’t quite started up, and football won’t be around for many months.

I’ve always been jealous of those who are experiencing the madness this time of year, and I’ve kicked around the idea of adopting a team, but who? I didn’t go to St. John’s or Syracuse and have never even seen their campuses. I guess I could route for Duke. They have admirably been both an NCAA powerhouse and a very good university for academics. If you’re a real tourney fan, here’s a link to some NCAA Basketball gear.

The best thing would be for Columbia, NYU or Fordham to get off the sidelines and start investing in their B-Ball programs (and football for that matter). These schools have the money and clout to do it. Duke has shown that “good” schools can have it both ways by fielding competitive div 1 teams. You’re telling me that Mississippi Valley State can get a birth in the NCAA but any of the above NY schools can’t? I guess it’s just not a priority. New York has enough going on in its sports universe. 

March 28, 2008   1 Comment